The bathtub invention has been remodeled to different designs. A design that has become the apple in the eye of decorators is the freestanding tub. The tub is designed to be used without contact with adjacent walls. That is its beauty, a stand-alone bowl-like feature in the bathroom. Smooth and brittle through every curve.

free standing tub

However much these tubs are decorative, they come along with a limitation. They take up a lot of space compared to their traditional counterparts. It, therefore, cannot be used in small bathrooms for it would be a great waste of space.

Bathtubs were not shiny, bright and glassier from the beginning. It was until The J.L. Mott Ironworks became the first to coat the interior of these tubs with enamel in 1873. This added a radiant look to the tub that was adopted as the standard type of tub in the entire United States. The built-in fiberglass tubs later overtook the enamel tubs in popularity and public preference. Interestingly, a few of the original freestanding bathtubs that boomed in the 1930’s are making their way back to the market today.  These tubs include rod iron and clawfoot tubs.

Clawfoot tubs have a nice sense of glamour and a simple functionality. No wonder connoisseurs adored them. The versatileness of tubs was added when manufacturers adopted the use of fiberglass and acrylic materials. You bet they did not lose their originality and ability to charm. The priceless worth of creativity has driven interior designers and decorators to dare to come up with bathroom designs with a variety of colors and textures. All for one reason; so they would match with the tub.

tub requires a spacious place

Freestanding tubs in the world of interior design today is a masterpiece in popular home designs. They are at the center of inspiration in the design of both the bathroom and the entire house, as home and design magazines portray them.

It should be known by now that one should not just buy a bathtub for the sake of having one. Precision in buying a tub is very important. The right decision in buying a tub is based on a number of reasons that you definitely want to find out about.

Just to note, this kind of tub requires a spacious place, unlike the traditional and corner tubs. Enough room is needed for plumbing and fitting options that are not of consideration in normal circumstances. Draining options must also be considered in case a crack or leak occurs in your tub.

So when buying a tub, you might want to consider the cost. There is no need to mention that you should not go for a tub that is way over your budget. The classiest of tubs go for $2000. This is not just a tub but a whirlpool. The prices range and vary in accordance with the ingenuity used to manufacture it all the way down to about $300.

The variance in ingenuity starts from the type of material used to make the tub. To start with, acrylic is one material used to make bathtubs. It is basically a form of plastic with a high gloss like the enameled look in cast iron bathtubs. Acrylic tubs provide one with a number of shapes and styles. This plays a significant role in the remodeling of the bathroom. Larger designs of this type of tub can be made because of its light nature. They are manufactured in an array of colors and hence, they have a wonderful assimilation with different design styles. However much they are produced in large numbers, acrylic tubs are still costly because of the material. The reinforcing of acrylic tubs with fiberglass brings about an extra steadiness and makes it less vulnerable to cracking.

The strongest, sturdiest and heaviest of bathtubs is the cast iron tub. The use of cast iron explains the reason behind the heaviness and high resistance to dents and chips. Adding on their ability to last for ages, cast iron tubs fetch a higher market price in comparison to all the other bathtubs. A lot of expense is also likely to be incurred during its installation not leaving out the fact that your bathroom floor has to be equally strong. What do you expect of a tub that weighs between 300 to 400 pounds? These tubs have the ability to hold on to the water heater for long durations. This makes it a real money saver since it cuts down the cost of water, electric and gas bills. So what is so special about the cast iron bathtub? Definitely, apart from its weight, the iron tub is able to stand freely on its own. Riveting indeed huh. 

Freestanding tubs in the world of interior design today is a masterpiece in popular home designs.

Here is a bathtub with material that is of a higher quality than acrylic. It is the porcelain tub. It is a brilliant material but does not have much of a difference in appearance over the acrylic tub. The demotivating factor about porcelain tubs is that they are expensive and they bid for constant maintenance to keep it looking nice.

After the material as a factor of consideration comes the size. This is a critical factor to take into account. Size does not only mean the measurements of the bathtub. It is also the measurements of the area where the bathtub is going to be installed in case of an upgrade or replacement of the tub.

Recommendations have it that one should know how the bathtub is going to be set up. It is advisable to have a professional set it up for you not forgetting that professional services come at an additional cost.

All in all, you still remain the sole decider of what you want to buy. You can decide to buy a tub that is perfectly ready for use, have it refurbished by someone or by yourself, or simply buy a tub that has been rescued and already refinished. Tubs in better conditions and rare in nature attract a higher price.

You could want a tub of a particular condition and type. That should not be the end. You should reach further and at least get to know the type of tub you want. It depends on your taste and the design you want to blend it into your bathroom. However, it is, just research on the make of antique bathtub you would want before you settle for any. There is a benefit that comes with it.

relax in  a spacious free standing bathtub

Get to know the characteristics of the tub, how rare it is and do not forget to consider your interests. This is to say that the worth of a bathtub is based on three things: condition, rarity, and size.