A countertop is basically the work surface in your bathroom, they are designed and positioned in perfect heights to match that of its user and make it easy to perform the tasks they are meant for. Countertops are found in different colors and patterns that feature a variety of characteristics depending on the kind of materials used.

They should offer a unique appeal and beautiful appearance to give a stylish look as per the wish of its owner and users, Vanities with countertops are supposed to be flexible, durable and strong to support the sinks and to make them capable of standing against soaps, water, cosmetic materials and other products meant to be placed on the countertops, the surface you choose for these tops uniquely depends on your taste, level of use and the style of your house.


One should be selective when choosing one because selecting a countertop on the bases of looks you might be hit hard by the reality of having to repeatedly maintain them incurring more cost than it was meant to be, obviously factors like cost should be at the forefront when shopping for the best, availability and ease of maintenance should also be a crucial part of the list when making your considerations. The good thing about a countertop in your space whether it is in your bathroom, kitchen or other workrooms is that if one doesn’t suit your preferred style or design there is another choice that will fit well.

Due to the availability of many materials that are used in the making of the countertops, it might seem overwhelming.

Here is a detailed look at some of the best materials used in making of the countertops;


There are three types of this natural stones that are commonly used, they include granite stones, soapstone, and the slate stone.

The granite stones have natural features that offer a fabric and fashionable look wherever they are used in making of the countertops. The reason why many homeowners select this kind of material is due to its durability and resistance to heat, scratches and other products that may cause it to wear out. Granite stone is expensive to get making it out of reach to many people with a low budget for the installation of vanities.

Both soapstone and the slate can be fabricated to match your personal preference. Compared to granites they come in fewer colors and are cheaper.


This material happens to be strong and durable which guarantees their longevity, just like granite they are resistant to heat giving them a look that makes the tops visibly new for the longest time by being buffed in case of scratches or stains.

Their designs are limitless and in many traditional setups, this was the material that was used in the installation of vanities with countertops especially in kitchens where they support the sinks.


For wood the perception that they can harbor bacteria’s and germs have made it wide use to decline in years with more people preferring the use of natural stones and solid surfacing. They provide warmth and an organic feel in the space you are using them.


A variety of colors that can come out of a concrete to make the countertops and their tactile nature is making their popularity to increase, concrete can be customized with pebbles or glass to fit a specific design and preference depending on the style you intend to use in your space whether it is a kitchen, a bathroom or any other place that requires the countertops





They are easy to clean, have high stain resistance and are heat proof. It is a very popular choice for many homeowners especially those with modern spaces for countertops, some have either single or double sinks. Even though this kind of countertops are easier to clean they are prone to damage especially when it comes to scratches.


There are a variety of materials and styles used in the making of the best countertops and each comes with an advantage and its shortcoming, you don’t need to skimp on a sink if you want to have a countertop with a durable and strong material that gives you an elegant look, installing the sink before finding the best fitting countertop would be advisable to make it even easier when it comes to replacement and maintenance.

A designer will have to lift the entire countertop in some instances when repairing the sinks. Many people want modern kitchens, bathroom, lavatories and other places where the countertops are the most important in setting the tone for the layouts, style, designs, and decorations to be used.


As highlighted earlier there are many factors that will lead to your choice, the cost and activities will determine the most suitable to use in your installation.

With hygiene, the biggest priority is the choice of your sink which will determine the ideal countertop that impresses everyone with the finished look. To coordinate a countertop in any room, colour patterns will enable your desired stylish look for space. Matching all the products in the room with the colour of your countertops would become a perfect spot that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you enter the room. Before selecting the best choice of colour, be sure to hold and attach samples of what you need to that space.

The visual impact of a countertop in such a space should inform the choices you make which are subject to change because of the different emerging modern techniques that people are easily falling for in the current modern world. To get it right the first time you decide to install a countertop you need to take a prior measurement of your room to ensure the dimensions reflect the actual size and shape because some materials such as the natural stone come in different size and shape. Putting all that into consideration will give a homeowner excess pride and change the appearance of your home.