There is no doubt that, freestanding bathtubs in Sacramento has remained the personification of bathroom luxury around the globe. However, it is no longer a breaking news to see classic freestanding bathtubs placed in the middle of a majestic and spacious bathroom.

Nevertheless, there is a communal misunderstanding that freestanding bathtubs are an irritation to have installed and involve significant disruption which is not necessarily the case. Installing and assembling a freestanding bathtub is as simple as installing the olden days bath which will be details in this write-up.

The method of drainage system for a freestanding bathtub is the same technique as regular bathtub being fathomed, with a waste in the front leading to the channel pipe head-to-head to the hot and cold-water pipes that stop at the tub or stay up to the wash. The only different or change is that the olden bathtub has water a system that works behind the scenes, while the freestanding bathtub works from the center and front at any given time. Moreover, it is observed that the drainage system of a freestanding bathtub in Sacramento can also work as a plan feature.


Take Note of these:

Before assemble and installation of the freestanding bathtubs, make sure that the floor is smooth and well plumb and align. The plumber that will install it should make sure that the source of water supply to the apartment is closed. Furthermore, the plumber should lay down the freestanding bathtubs Sacramento on a folded-up sand slip to evade itching and scratching the coating or acrylic superficial.


Plumbing a Freestanding Bath


The first thing to do after the bathtubs   has been carefully removed from the wrapper by the plumber or the installer, the plumber will then cautiously turn the bathtubs upside down so that the feet can be fit on.  The plumber should avoid longer screw when tying the feet, because it may destroy the bathtubs if it is more than 20mm screws. The both side of the bathtubs  need to be measured and make sure they are equal, and customize to the chosen height.

Nevertheless, in order to tolerate movement of the bath whilst entering and existing bath, the freestanding bathtubs must be placed and sited with a lowest range of 50mm gap between the bathtub and any wall surface.


Drilling Tap Holes & Tap Installation

The next thing to do, is drilling the bath to fit the mixer taps and waste. The plumber will mark the center line of the bathtub, make sure you allowing 90mm whichever side to give 180mm for mixer tails then using a 32mm tank cutter to drill holes in the center of the rim.


Putting Pipe Work in Place

Here, you should consider the thickness of the layer, cement and floor tiles. There is need for the pipe you desire to use should be overlaid off and tested for any leakage.

The next thing is to run 22mm pipe of hot and cold supplies under the floor to where the bathtub Sacramento will lay. Thereafter, you will connect the two bends to the pipe, slide over the chrome coverings and then connect the copper pipes to the taps in the same way that regular taps are fitted.

As soon as the automatic waste has been installed, then join the bath waste into the ground through pre-drilled holes. The next thing to do is that you will now disengage the pipe work and remove the timber framing in order to position the bathtubs in its precise and right position. Make sure you test and run it to know if there is leaks or not.

In order to perfect the job, confirming the surfaces of the bathtubs are totally dust and grease free, and make sure you enhance a silicone drip laterally among the panel and the floor to protect the fixing and the installing you have done.