Bathroom today is a mix of comfort and functionality. It is a section of the home where you can relax and enjoy life. You can always trust that hot soak in the bathtub to relive you from the daily stress. If you are planning to install a bathtub in your home, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from

Make a Choice!

Several alternatives, expensive options, and professional installation of bathtubs Sacramento are some of the reasons why you should be informed before making a decision. Essentially, you need a bathtub that fits your requirements and fit perfectly to your bathroom space.

1.     Standard Alcove Bathtubs

This is one of the most popular type of bathtubs found in almost all the department stores. Usually, a standard alcove bathtub is 60 inches long and 30 inches in width. Make sure you known your bathroom dimension before you opt for this type.

1American Standard


2.     Drop-In Bathtubs

Just as the name suggests, this type of bathtub is set below the floor level. Your bathroom renovation contractor may have to construct a deck-like structure in order to install the bathtub. More so, the plumbing works may be covered to give your bathroom a finished look.

2Drop-In Bathtubs

3.     Claw-Foot Bathtubs

This is an evergreen bathtub style. A claw-foot bathtub is free-standing bathtub. This means that you can install it anywhere you want in your bathroom. This bathtub is commonly made of cast iron. Generally, claw foot bathtubs are expensive option due to the porcelain enamel present on its surface. However, you can opt for the inexpensive acrylic option available in the market.

3Claw-Foot Bathtubs

4.     Free-Standing Bathtubs

If your bathroom is spacious, you may choose a free-standing bathtub. You can place it at the center of the bathroom or close to a window. More so, there are various styles, shapes, and materials of bathtubs which allow you to customize and personalize your bathroom/ Note that pipes are visible in free-standing bathtubs. So, ensure your bathroom renovation contractor use pipe color and style that complement that of your bathroom.

4Free-Standing Bathtubs


5.     Soaking Bathtubs

If you are a fan of bubble bath, then a soaking bathtub is recommended. It is wider and bigger than the standard bathtub, giving you a complete satisfaction. Due to its large size, you will need a large amount of hot water. Therefore, make sure you install a water heater with large capacity for efficient water supply. Alternatively, you can buy the one with an in-line heater. This will help to heat the water and re-circulate it for optimum satisfaction.

5Soaking Bathtubs


6.     Whirlpool Bathtubs

Whirlpool bathtub serves a double function. It acts as a massager together with its primary function. It uses a motor to forcefully pump water through the jets which gives you a deep-tissue massage. This bathtub type is good for sore muscles. More so, you can adjust the location of the jets to enhance a complete massage.

6Whirlpool Bathtubs

7.     Walk-In Bathtubs

You can easily enter a walk-in bathtub due to the presence of an entrance door. This door makes entering quite easy and safe. This type of bathtub is a perfect alternative for individuals who find it difficult to enter a standard bathtub.

7Walk-In Bathtubs


Bottom line

Regardless of the bathtub type you choose, it is essential that you first know what you need and your bathroom size. This can save you a lot of hassle since you already have a specific requirement. Also, you should seek the advice and recommendations of a professional bathroom remodeling personnel for your bathtubs Sacramento installation. Contact Swan Bath today for your bathtub installation and maintenance.