A bathroom cabinet is an extra storage facility that adds a chic element of design to the bathroom. You can effortlessly add a sense of beauty and uniqueness to your bathroom by installing bathroom cabinets. These handy units come in a number of sizes, style, shape, and color. They offer a perfect match of style and usability due to their wonderful design and storage space.

Cabinets are good storage solution for every kind of bathroom in Sacramento. They are available in wall-hung and free-standing options which you can choose from. In several cases, most homeowners in Sacramento have found problem choosing the perfect type of cabinet to complement their existing bathroom. In other to assist you, we have come up with a list of the different qualities to consider before choosing between a free-standing and wall-mounted cabinet.

Free-standing bathroom cabinets vs. wall-mounted cabinets


Free-standing cabinets are a simple type of cabinets you can simply put in a place close to your existing bathroom vanity. Based on installation procedure, free-standing cabinets are easier to fit and install of the two cabinet types. Once you buy a free-standing cabinet for your bathroom, you only need to place them wherever you feel like with any special organization.

Although free-standing cabinets can be easily installed, they do not offer much style and elegance as do wall-mounted cabinets. Wall-hung cabinets, although requires some steps for installation, can also be effortlessly installed. However, you should check how strong your walls are to withstand a wall-mounted cabinet. If your walls are weak, then a free-standing cabinet would be the right option.

Fit to space

Another worthwhile benefit of having a free-standing cabinet is their elongated design. Most free-standing cabinets have a tall and narrow design. This makes them fit for effortlessly placed between a basin and a toilet.

However, if you have a very compact bathroom, free-standing cabinets might not be a wise option. In this case, you need a piece of furniture you can slot in easier and the wall-mounted cabinet would be the better option. This type of cabinets will stay on the wall, thereby conserving your valuable floor space for other items and installations.

While wall-hung cabinets are very good for optimizing the look of a compact bathroom, they also look appealing to anyone looking for an elegant cabinet to store above a basin. What’s more, wall-mounted cabinets have mirrored fonts which make them good for anyone looking for a multi-purpose unit that will facilitate a busy morning schedule.


Before you go for a wall-mounted or free-standing cabinet for your home in Sacramento, it is essential that you consider the size and space of your bathroom. More so, you should ascertain what level of storage you require and the items you intend to store. Also, consider your bathroom design and select the cabinet that complements with it.

Generally, cabinets ensure that your bathroom is easily tidy and kept clean of your everyday essentials. It makes your bathroom environment clean and clutter-free. Hence, you should consider your bathroom structure and storage needs before buying a cabinet for your bathroom.