Have you ever found yourself looking at the mirror of your bathroom over and over? If so, you must be conscious of your physical look. Generally, bathroom mirrors are not just gadgets to compliment the decoration and appearance of your kitchen but rather serve an irreplaceable function in the home. Usually, a mirror position is the location where women apply their makeup and where men work on their clean shave. Consequent upon this, it is essential that you choose the correct style, size, shape, and structure of bathroom mirror in Sacramento.

Type of Bathroom mirrors:

1.     Fixed bathroom mirrors:

Fixed bathroom mirror is a traditional type of mirror that is easily found all over the market. Just as the name implies, it is fixed in front of the cabinet and can be used as a store for bathroom cosmetics and first-aid items. More so, there are modern fixed bathroom mirrors in Sacramento that are designed to suit the modern bathroom designs. 

2.     Movable bathroom mirrors:

This type of mirror is common in hotels and is gradually making way into homes in Sacramento due to their flexibility and convenience. Just as the name implies, they can be adjusted and moved in order to achieve the right viewing mode.

3.     Hanging mirrors:

This is probably a common choice for most people in Sacramento. This type of mirror is hung on the wall, adding a stylish and artistic look to the bathroom. They are available in different sizes and designs to complement your bathroom design.

Things to consider when choosing Bathroom mirrors in Sacramento:

Of course, the options are many when you get to the market. However, the following tips will slim down your options and help you choose the right mirror that suits your needs and bathroom décor.

·        Shapes and Sizes:

You need to consider the size of your wall when choosing a mirror. A typical mirror should be light in weight and make your room look spacious. The infinity types are the perfect options for a small bathroom. More so, mirrors are available in different shapes, such as square, rectangle, and oval. Also, you can choose between frameless mirrors and those fortified with amazingly beautiful designs.

·        Lighting:

Lighting has become an essential part of bathrooms these days. With this increased functionality, lighting functions have been incorporated into the mirror system for bathrooms. You can now choose between LED mirrors and illuminated ones. Typically, illuminated mirrors have their own lights which may include a fitting attached to the overhead or small light bulbs fixed into the frame.

·        Storage:

Mirrors have also been modified to serve as a storage function in the bathroom. This makes them more useful when attached to the cabinets. Although this is a traditional feature, most modern mirrors now come with cleverly-integrated vanities for a compact look.


Truly, the function of a mirror in a bathroom cannot be sidelined. However, homeowners usually encounter problems when making their choice of mirrors. Hopefully, the above guide will assist you in making the right choice of bathroom mirror in Sacramento.