You know you’re quite fortunate to have a spacious bathroom like that in your home and the fact that it looks so luxurious makes you want to add more features to it. The modern bathroom vanities of today will make for a perfect addition. Having added new and the most sought after bathroom vanities to you precious washroom, you must be thinking of ways to keep them clean. You simply decide to clean your modern bathroom vanities all by yourself. But you haven’t really done anything of that sort before. How will you go about it without even knowing where to start? Well, you can start right here right now by:

Clearing The Area of The Vanity

Don’t be hasty or clumsy when removing all your stuff from the cabinets and drawers. This will include your toothbrushes and toothpaste, soaps and shampoos and lamps and cups, medicine box or your favorite coffee mug that you often forget on it.

Always Double Check Your Vanity Cleaner Bottle

It is important to know what kind of cleaning product you should use on the vanity surface. Materials like wood, marble, tile, laminate, and ceramic are commonly used for their construction and so you need to check their labels to ensure that they are safe and appropriate for use on these surfaces.

It Is Always A Good Idea To Pre-Clean

Yes, this step is necessary, and it saves time when you need to wipe away loose hair, makeup residue and other loose residues before you start to focus on scrubbing.

Scrub! Finally!

Apply sufficient detergent or solution on a wet, clean cloth or soft sponge and begin scrubbing starting from the areas that need it the most. Make sure to do it with a firm hand and form lather or do it until the stain begins to dissolve or as it says on the package.

Now Just Rinse Off The Detergent And The Water And Pat Dry The Surface

The final step is to thoroughly rinse the vanity drawers and cabinets and make sure to use cotton cleaning cloth or a sponge to remove all the excess liquid and detergent. You can scrub the surfaces and walls of the vanity and remember to use plenty of water for the purpose.

While you are cleaning product residue from the surface and faucet make sure to carefully wipe down the vanity along the way and leave no remnants of the liquid behind. You can later use a dry cloth or paper towel to pat them dry and leave them to dry further under the fan at room temperature. Now place the drawers and panels back and your toothbrushes and shampoos and soaps will follow as well.